Iron & Metal Fence in Austin, TX

Viking Fence is proud to offer ornamental iron fence to the markets we serve. We have partnered with a high quality manufacturer to bring to market steel fencing built to our exacting specifications.

Our 2-rail product is pool code compliant.


Step Into the Future of Fencing at Viking Fence With Our E-Coated Metal Fence in Austin!

Whether you’re installing a residential or commercial fence, longevity and durability are of the utmost importance. We’ve taken this to the next level with our innovative e-coated metal fence in Austin!

Imagine a world where your fence not only stands as a statement of style but also as a testament to cutting-edge technology and durability. That’s what these pre-made fences have to offer.

We’ve transcended the ordinary and ushered in the future of fencing by partnering with a manufacturer that sets new standards in the industry. Our metal fences represent the pinnacle of design, durability, and elegance. 

They’re adorned with ornamental iron and fortified with state-of-the-art electro-coating to offer you the best of both worlds in one single fence!

The Viking Fence Difference

We’ve combined traditional craftsmanship with modern technology for more than three decades now at Viking Fence. This has helped us earn a reputation for consistently exceeding expectations and remaining at the forefront of the fencing industry.

Our unique electro-coating process, borrowed from the automotive industry, stands as a beacon of innovation. While ordinary paints cover the outside, our e-coating safeguards every nook and cranny of your metal fence in Austin.

This meticulous process ensures that even those parts of the fence most vulnerable to corrosion, like the underside of channel rails or tubular pickets’ ends, are meticulously coated. 

It’s an assurance that corrosion, the bane of metal fences, won’t be eating away at your investment from the inside.

We marry our quality fencing with world-class support and installation. Most companies overlook the importance of thorough training and rigorous quality control. Not Viking Fence

Our commitment to quality is unwavering, from the first consultation to the finishing touches during installation. Our dedicated quality control division is a testament to our promise of perfection.

Whether you’re guarding a pool with our compliant 2-rail product or marking the boundary of your estate, our fences stand not just as barriers, but as statements. 

Dive into an array of designs, from the graceful arcs of wrought iron to the imposing majesty of steel panels. Request a quote today and get your project underway!

Redefine Your Boundaries With a Metal Fence in Austin at Viking Fence

Your home is a reflection of your tastes, values, and aspirations. Shouldn’t your fence be the same? You can redefine boundaries with Viking Fence, both literally and metaphorically. 

Whether it’s the elegance of our pre-galvanized steel, the strength of our specifications, or the assurance of a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, every aspect of our fence resonates with quality.

Looking for something custom? We also offer a wrought iron fence in Austin that might be just what you need. Or, explore our more affordable commercial chain link fence or residential chain link fence.

From masonry fences to vinyl fencing in Austin, Austin commercial security systems, fence repair in Austin, ornamental iron fence, Austin iron railings, and more, you can count on Viking Fence as your trusted choice for Austin fence supply

We serve all of Texas with pride and integrity, and we can’t wait to show you the Viking difference firsthand – from Pflugerville to San Antonio. Contact us today for a free estimate, and let’s begin this journey together.

Wrought Iron Installation

Viking Fence has documented installation standards and a dedicated Quality Control Division. Viking Fence continually trains their fence installation crews on our fence installation standards. Our goal is to give you the highest quality installation in the industry. Additionally, Viking Fence has a dedicated Quality Control Division to ensure that our installers are adhering to these standards. Most fence companies don’t make this investment. We feel it is crucial to our reputation and our continued success.

Wrought Iron Warranty

Viking Fence ornamental iron products have the highest warranties in the industry.  Viking has been a Texas tradition in fencing for over 30 years. We will be here to support your fence if a problem ever arises. We have built a portfolio of ornamental iron fences that Viking installs to assist you when you’re ready to tackle your fence project. Call us today for a free estimate at (512) 837-6411 or Get A Quote.

Custom Iron

Our Custom Iron and Gate Division offers services such as designing, building and installing fences, gates and handrails for your Austin home. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with a custom iron project.

Affordable Residential

Viking Fence is committed to providing our customers with the best value in Iron Fence products. We have worked with our manufacturing partners to specify the best products for the markets we serve.


  • Pre-Galvanized Steel Inside and Out
  • Welded and rackable (40 degrees) panels available.
  • Architectural Grade Polyester Powder coat on top of E-Coating Rackable panel can adjust to grade changes to match terrain
  • 20 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Rail Specs: 1” 16 ga rail 
  • Picket Specs: 5/8”x 5/8” – 18 Gauge Steel
  • Panels come in 34”, 40” 48”, 60” and 72” heights. 94’ Wide

Call us at (512) 837-6411, or use our Estimate Request Form, for a free estimate today on any of these products!

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