Pre-Stained Fence Pickets in Austin, TX

Get Unparalleled Speed, Simplicity, and Beauty With Our Pre-Stained Fence Pickets in Austin!

Every homeowner or commercial site manager understands the challenges that come with the fencing process. Staining is a crucial step in prolonging cedar fence lifespan while enhancing its aesthetics. But, it often becomes the biggest headache. 

Messy worksites, overspray risks, potential damage to landscaping or neighboring properties, and the intricacies of waste disposal are just a few of the problems faced. 

But here at Viking Fence, we’ve developed a solution-driven approach to ensuring your fencing not only looks stunning but stands the test of time without the associated hassles.

Imagine a world where your chosen shade of western red cedar pickets arrives pre-stained, ready to be erected without the mess and hassle of having to stain the pickets yourself. Our pre-stained fencing pickets make this dream come true!

From ensuring you don’t have to handle waste by-products to guaranteeing no overspray dangers, we prioritize your peace of mind alongside delivering top-notch products.

What Makes Our Pre-Stained Fence Pickets in Austin So Special?

Viking Fence has been the trusted choice for Texas fencing since 1972. You can rest assured you’re partnering with the pros for all things fencing, whether you choose our pre-stained cedar fence pickets, our commercial fencing, our access control systems, or anything in between.

This means world-class customer support every step of the way – from your initial inquiry to long after the delivery and installation of your fence. We’ve built a reputation of excellence in this great state and we intend to uphold it!

But, what makes our pre-stained fence pickets in Austin so special? We use advanced pre-staining machines and an established staining procedure to ensure your fencing materials are treated with the utmost care. Not only does this mean a ‘no mess’ installation for you, but it guarantees longevity and aesthetic appeal.

We also handle all waste and its by-products responsibly, keeping your hands clean physically and metaphorically. You can trust that you’re working with a sustainable partner for this project.

Viking Fence is also an approved distributor of Ready Seal® products, which are renowned for their quality. This professional-grade oil-based semi-transparent stain and sealer provides dual benefits – protecting and beautifying every wooden element in your exterior space.

Our capabilities aren’t just restricted to fence pickets, either. From all sizes of western red cedar to arbor/pergola materials like 4x4s and 6x6s, our pre-staining prowess spans across a wide range of materials.

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Your journey to a hassle-free, beautiful, and durable fence begins here. Viking Fence offers a promise of quality, longevity, and peace of mind. Why settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is within reach?

You can also count on us for all things Austin fence supply – from wrought iron fencing in Austin to fence repair in Austin, commercial chain link fence, masonry fences, vinyl fencing in Austin, Austin commercial security systems, and more.

Seal the deal with the shades that perfectly complement your property’s aesthetics. Explore the vast array of colors we offer, and let us help you transform your fencing dreams into reality. 

Reach out now, request a quote, and let the magic of Viking Fence’s pre-stained fence pickets in Austin redefine your outdoor space!

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