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Cedar fencing, particularly, Western Red Cedar, is one of the best materials for building long-lasting fences. This American softwood is native to the Pacific Northwest and known for its rich, red hue that matures into a lovely light gray over time. 

Its natural resistance to decay and insects makes it an ideal choice for those looking to invest in a fence that will withstand the test of time. Its natural protective properties mean maintenance needs are low, too.

From an installation standpoint, builders love how easy it is to work with cedar as well. It’s a lightweight, low-density lumber with a straight, uninterrupted grain that ensures dimensional stability. In other words, your fence will maintain its shape and integrity even in the face of drastic weather. 

While it’s naturally beautiful on its own, cedar can hold various stains – from dark hues to semi-transparent finishes. You can effortlessly customize your fence to match your property’s style, enhancing curb appeal and adding value. 

That being said, not all cedar fence pickets in Dallas are created equal. Many suppliers use low-grade lumber like Eastern Red Cedar or even Chinese Cedar. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this when you choose us for cedar fence supply in Dallas, Texas.

Why Partner With Viking Fence for Your Fencing Needs?

Viking Fence has been locally owned and operated since 1972, serving the fencing needs of the entire state with unwavering dedication. Our team of experts, from estimators to installers, brings decades of experience to every project so you can enjoy peace of mind.

We control the entire manufacturing process through our in-house Cedar Remanufacturing facility to ensure every product meets our strict quality standards. 

Our dedicated quality control division and strong warranties guarantee customer satisfaction. We’re also members of the American Fence Association, Better Business Bureau, and North American Wholesale Lumber Association.

Many fencing companies advertise cedar products without specifying the type of cedar they sell. Western Red Cedar is the gold standard, known for its superior dimensional stability and decay resistance. 

Other companies do not explicitly state the type of cedar they sell, which means you’re not always getting what you think you are. Eastern Red Cedar, for example, is actually a type of juniper and lacks the qualities of its Western counterpart. 

Some companies sell imported wood that they misleadingly market as cedar. These imported materials, often from China, are inferior in quality and do not meet our standards for quality. 

We exclusively sell Western Red Cedar, so you can rest assured you’re receiving only the best materials for your fencing project. You even gain access to pre stained fence in Dallas to save you time and stress as you bring your fencing project to life!

The Different Types of Cedar Fencing We Offer

From cedar rails Dallas to pickets, we’ve got all the building materials you need to create a strong, stunning, long-lasting fence. Here are the three most common grades we offer:

  • Select Grade: Our premium 5/4” board (1” thick), appearance grade, is smooth on all four sides and available as a custom order. Perfect for projects that need the best in aesthetics and durability.
  • Select #2 Grade: This 3/4” thick board is graded for tight knots and no holes, making it an excellent choice for a balance of beauty and strength.
  • Select #3 Grade: Our 3/4” thick, Economy/Builder’s grade offers a more rustic appearance, suitable for projects where you want a rugged look without compromising on durability.

In addition to Western Red Cedar, we occasionally offer other types of cedar, such as inland cedar and incense cedar. 

These subspecies possess the same high quality and durability but differ slightly in color due to their growing conditions. If you are interested in these alternatives, contact us for availability.

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Choosing Viking Fence means choosing quality, reliability, and a commitment to excellence. Our Western Red Cedar fencing supplies are crafted to ensure your fence remains beautiful and durable for years.

We aren’t just your trusted choice for cedar fence supply in Dallas, though. We have all the other types of fencing and building materials you could need, including:

When you think fencing in Dallas, think Viking Fence. After all, who else in the region can say they have a spotless reputation after more than 50 years of doing business? Enjoy peace of mind partnering with the premier provider of cedar fencing in Dallas today.

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