Government Fencing For Austin, TX

While it is not uncommon for certain properties to have fencing of a secure nature, what is appropriate for a typical commercial property is not necessarily what should be used for a government building. Certainly, fencing with the highest degree of security should be used, but some government properties require more discretion than others.

At Viking Fence, our Austin government fencing contractors understand the importance of adapting a fencing strategy that fits the specific needs of an individual government facility. This means having expertise in the area of government fencing regulations. Our representatives are standing by, so contact us today by calling 800-252-8117.

Types of Government Fencing

There are many instances in which a government facility must take exceptional precautions for the sake of security, including high security elements such as barbed-wire or electrical current. What is interesting about government fencing, however, is the way in which it can differ from typical high security fencing. Oftentimes, government buildings are nondescript, simply blending in with the surrounding landscape. It is in these circumstances that fencing must provide an excellent level of security while not drawing too much attention to the fact that something important is housed behind it.

No matter what the situation, we are prepared to surround government buildings and properties, including the following:

  • Military bases and offices
  • Airports, parks, and other public areas.
  • Administrative buildings
  • Government land

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