8 Foot Cedar Fence Pickets in Austin, TX

Build a Beautiful, Long-Lasting Fence With Our Affordable 8 Foot Cedar Fence Pickets in Austin, TX!

From the iconic white picket fence of Americana to custom designs that reflect modern aesthetics, cedar fencing has long been the material of choice for those looking to blend natural beauty with enduring strength. 

But as cedar prices soar at big box stores, it’s challenging for homeowners and contractors alike to find premium-quality cedar without breaking the bank. 

This is where Viking Fence changes the narrative, offering not just affordability but an unrivaled selection of 8 foot cedar fence pickets in Austin, backed by our commitment to excellence and customer support. 

Request a quote today and see just how much we can save you – all while delivering an unparalleled customer experience every step of the way.

What Separates Our 8’ Cedar Pickets From the Rest?

Viking Fence is a team of craftsmen who understand the nuances of quality fencing. By sourcing Western Red Cedar directly from the Pacific Northwest and overseeing the manufacturing process at our Austin mill, we ensure every picket meets our stringent quality standards. 

Each board is inspected and sorted into various grades, providing you with a range of options to suit your specific project needs. This means you can rest assured you’re getting the quality fencing solution you deserve.

Our 8-foot pickets present a sense of openness, combining security with aesthetic appeal. Every picket is at least 3/4 inches thick, offering a robustness that thinner, cheaper alternatives cannot match. 

We offer various styles, including Dog Ear, Flat top, French Gothic, and Gothic, ensuring your fence not only stands up to the test of time but also complements your property’s unique charm. 

You can save more time and frustration by ordering our pre-stained fence pickets in Austin, ensuring a beautiful fence without the hassle of staining on your own.

Moreover, our 8-foot cedar pickets are available in Viking Select, Residential, and Rustic grades, allowing you to choose the ideal match for your project. 

Whether you’re constructing a new fence or upgrading an existing one, our pickets are designed to withstand the elements and resist pests, ensuring your investment is built to last. 

But, the best part is that we offer massive savings compared to the big box stores. You don’t have to take on any undue financial stress to protect your property with a durable, gorgeous cedar fence. So, request a quote for our 8 foot cedar fence pickets in Austin today!

Experience the Finest in Texas Fencing – Request a Quote For Our 8 Foot Cedar Fence Pickets in Austin, TX Today!

With our legacy of reliability since 1972, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re getting a fencing solution that not only meets but surpasses expectations.

Beyond our 8’ cedar pickets in Austin, Texas, you can source shorter sizes like our 6 foot cedar fence pickets, 5 foot cedar fence pickets, or 4 foot cedar pickets. We don’t specialize in only cedar, though. Texas residents and companies count on us for all things Austin fencing. Here are some of our most popular fencing solutions:

Not seeing the specific fencing you need? Just get in touch with our customer support team and we’ll talk about your needs, your budget, and how we can exceed your expectations with a beautiful, long-lasting fence that aligns with your personal preferences.

Transform your property with the highest quality 8 foot cedar pickets in Austin Texas today – it all starts with a conversation. Request a quote and embark on a journey to enhance your property with the finest 8’ cedar pickets in Austin, TX!


Viking Select

Quick Features

Available in 8ft
3/4 inches thick or more
Pest and decay-resistant
Long lasting
Comes in various grades and styles


Dog Ear
Flat top
French Gothic