4 Foot Cedar Fence Pickets in Austin, TX

Save Time and Money With an Exclusive Selection of 4 Foot Cedar Pickets in Austin at Viking Fence!

The quest for the perfect fence can lead you down many roads, but nothing matches the allure of cedar when it comes to combining durability, natural beauty, and a classic look. 

4 foot cedar pickets in particular are known for their versatility and the sophisticated appearance they lend to any property. However, sourcing this specific size often leads to a dead end. 

The big box stores don’t carry this cut, which means you have to settle for a different size and cut it down – wasting time and money. We’re here to save you the hassle with our 4 foot cedar fence pickets.

Our exclusive selection is second to none – cut to perfection, ready to elevate your property with unparalleled quality and design. Learn more below or request a quote today to bring your property’s fencing to life!

Why Get 4’ Cedar Fence Pickets at Viking Fence?

Viking Fence has been the most reliable fence company in Texas since 1972, and our commitment to craftsmanship is unwavering. Our team boasts over 300 years of combined experience so you can rest assured that from the first cut to the final nail, every step is handled with precision and care. 

Our 4 foot cedar pickets in Austin are a rare find in the market, crafted from premium Western Red Cedar known for its rich color and impressive resistance to decay and pests. 

Our cedar pickets come in all three grades of Western Red Cedar, ensuring you have the perfect match for your project – be it a charming garden fence, a neat border for your chicken coop, or a stylish screen for your AC units and trash cans. 

Our thick, ¾” cedar boards are at least 50% thicker than the competition, guaranteeing a robust fence that withstands the test of time and the unpredictability of Texas weather. 

And with our wood being 100% chemical-free and sourced sustainably, you’re making an environmentally responsible choice. So, what are you waiting for? You can make your vision of a beautiful, long-lasting cedar fence a reality by ordering your 4’ cedar fence pickets today.

Get Your Project Underway Today By Sourcing the Finest 4 Foot Cedar Pickets in Austin!

Viking Fence is a beacon of trust for all things Texas fencing. Whether you’re ordering these boards to tackle a project yourself or looking for someone to erect the fence for you, our team is on standby ready to serve you. 

Don’t let your fencing project stall in the search for quality materials. You deserve the best f foot cedar pickets in Austin, and that’s exactly what you’ll gain access to through us. We also have other sizes if 4’ cedar fence pickets aren’t exactly what you need:

Beyond our cedar fencing selection, you can count on us for everything from Austin access control systems to commercial chain link fences, vinyl fencing, security fencing, wrought iron fencing, and all your other Austin fence supply needs. We also have pre-stained fence pickets in Austin!

So, get in touch today and save yourself time, money, and stress with the finest selection of 4’ cedar fence pickets in Austin. Let’s bring the timeless elegance of cedar fencing to your property together!