Fence Rentals

General Information:

Our temporary fence and barrier solutions can be setup quickly to help secure any site at any time. You can rest assured that our temporary fence solutions will give your site increased security, provide a safe environment for people and equipment, and be constructed with quality materials at a great value. Since we provide our customers with dedicated customer support, our team is always available to help you and your team for upcoming events and projects. Whatever your needs are, we can help you find the right solution to get the job done, safely and quickly.

Two Main Choices:

There are two types of temporary fencing we install. One is our pounded in ground temporary fence solution. This solution has fence post installed two feet into the ground and can be installed over hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete. The other solution is our panel temporary fence solution, which uses post stands without making holes into the ground. This option would require less clean-up.

Fence panels offer the best in portability because they have the ability to quickly scale to your needs and allow for customizable perimeter control making for optimal area coverage. This is what makes fence panels the primary choice for both event coordinators and contractors. They are easy to install with no tools required and can also seamlessly integrate on many different surfaces. When your project or event has ended, the fence panels are removed, leaving no traces or drill holes indicating they were there and the area is returned to its original state.

Fence panels work by getting inserted into stands. This ensures maximum stability. Sand bags can also be used to anchor them down for even better support. Fence panels come in several different heights to best meet your needs. Additional features include: screening, swing gates and barbed wire.

Fence panel features include:

  • Customizable sizes: 12 foot sections and heights from 4-, 6-, and 8-foot
  • Optional sand bags for even better fortification
  • Horizontal and vertical cross bars for additional support
  • Is dust or wind is a concern? We can provide Windscreen / Privacy Screen rentals

Our chain link fences are a safe and economical solution for securing any site. With the added reinforcement of fixed in-ground posts, chain link fences are a sturdy option for your site. Need more security? You have the option to add barbed wire, windscreens, top rails, and tension wires. Installing chain link fences is quick regardless of how small or large the fenced area or what the terrain or surface type may be.

Chain link fence installations are ideal for a wide array of purposes:

  • Securing large industrial sites
  • Securing construction areas
  • Residential and commercial construction sites
  • Organizing large crowds for festivals, fairs, sporting events and more


The possibilities are numerous. Chain link fences are durable, maintenance free and come in several heights. Installs are done by our professional expert fence staff.

Chain link fence features include:

  • Posts that are secured at least 2-feet underground
  • Available in 4-, 6- and 8-foot heights with all heights being secure and economical
  • Installs are available on any surface type including ground, concrete or asphalt


Fences are pre-treated then a zinc coat is applied (Standard: ASTM A392-06) for the absolute best protection and to minimize the amount of corrosion or damage due to exposure to the elements. Setting up a temporary event or worksite? Combine your chain link fence with our fence gates, portable toilets, and security features for a complete solution. Our customer care team members are available to assist with all your questions and needs.

Chain Link fences are available in both temporary and in-ground variations.

Swing style temporary fence gates are the most popular of the two fence gate options. Swing gates come in a variety of heights and widths. They can be assembled as single swing gates or double swing gates. They can be placed at any point along the perimeter of your fence and are typically used for the main site access. Double swing gate openings can span 24-, 30-feet while single swing gate openings can span 12-, 15-feet. Smaller pedestrian 4-feet swing gates are available as well.

Swing style temporary fence gates are best for:

  • Pedestrian access (4’ opening)
  • Large equipment, truck and vehicle access (24’, 30’ openings)
  • Small equipment, truck or vehicle access (12’, 15’ openings)

Sliding temporary fence gates are ideal for very small areas as they can operate by running parallel and overlapping temporary fence panels. This makes them and excellent option for tight spaces. The openings come in various sizes including 12-, 15- and 24-feet. They are eight feet high and screens can be added for increased security or privacy. 

Sliding temporary fence gates are great for:

  • Pedestrian access
  • Small equipment access
  • Small vehicle and truck access
  • Hose and supply line access

Windscreen and privacy screens are an excellent option for temporary fence installations as they have multiple functionalities. If you want to keep out dust or the elements at your site or want limit visibility to an specific area, windscreen and privacy screens offer the perfect solution for you.

Windscreens and privacy screens also add a muted barrier that compliments high profile events. They can easily be added on to permanent or temporary chain link fences and come in a variety of colors and heights. Windscreens are available in 4-, 6-, and 8-foot heights and come in sections spanning 50-feet. Windscreens have the customizable capability to span entire perimeters or be utilized in only specific sections of fence.

Our windscreens are durable. They are all constructed to be heavy-duty and knitted with high-grade material. Our most common windscreens are knitted with the most durable materials and include reinforced binding and grommets on both the top and bottom. This decreases visibility into your job site and restricts airflow keeping the level of debris as low as possible.

Sometimes you need additional security features to protect valuables, livestock or equipment. We have you covered with security fence options. Typically, barbed wire offers the best value for your money. Installation costs are low and it provides a visual deterrent to any intruders wanting to gain unwanted or unlawful entry to your area. Six- and eight-foot fences can be installed with 3 barbed wire strands at the top of the fence. This will prevent anyone from climbing over. This is a great cost effective security option for industrial or rural areas.

Barbed wire includes:

  • Three strands
  • For 6’ and 8’ chain link perfect for high vandalism areas
  • Prevents climbing over the fence

Another good value feature and low-cost option is adding a top rail to your fence install. The top rail is also one of the most popular security options. It adds increased support and prevents the fence from bending as well as gives it a sturdy look and can be installed on top of any fence solution. This is an ideal security solution for construction areas, residential, and commercial properties.

Top rail include:

  • Increases fence line integrity
  • One 3/8′ round rail

More stability can be added to the bottom of the fence by including a tension wire. This prevents the fence line from sagging while fortifying the chain link fence. Tension wires add the same preventative safe guards to the bottom of the fence system as barbed wire and top rail do for the top of the fence.

Tension wire key features:

  • A barely noticeable wire that adds strength to the chain links
  • Prevents the fence from sagging