Fence Regulations

In order to erect a fence in Austin, there are several city ordinances that must be followed. These rules are in place to protect public safety and property. Fortunately, a dependable fencing company can take you through the process of acquiring the necessary permits.

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Important Fence Regulations

The city of Austin defines a fence as “any partition, structure, or grate erected as a dividing marker, barrier, or enclosure.” In the City of Austin, a residential and/or commercial property owner does not need a permit to erect a fence if the fence height is 6 feet tall or lower. There are certain situations (pools, slope of ground, etc….) that allow a residential property owner to erect a fence taller than 6 feet without a permit, but in general, fences taller than 6 feet tall do require a permit. Variances for residential properties are not hard to acquire. Any of our residential estimators will be happy to answer any questions you have about the current building code for fences and gates. Generally, commercial properties have a lot more flexibility on the height of fence structures allowed by the City of Austin. If a property owner is building a pool, there are strict rules governing what a property owner must do with their fence.

Some of the most common regulations include :

  • Fences around pools must me at least 48″ tall, measured from the ground on the side away from the pool.
  • Openings under the pool enclosure may not allow a sphere four inches in diameter to pass under the pool enclosure.
  • Gates must be self-closing and self-latching, as well as lockable and open outward from the pool yard.
  • Gates latches must be installed at least 60″ above ground.

There are numerous other regulations concerning fence heights and where fences can be erected, and there are exceptions to every rule. If you belong to an HOA, please contact them for their fence requirements which could be different than the governing municipality. Most surrounding cities around Austin, but not all, have adopted, the City of Austin building code for fences.