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Viking Iron Fence

A custom product warrantied for 20 years. Only from Viking.

Viking Fence is proud to announce a new product to the fence markets we serve. Dissatisfied with the quality of iron products sold by most fence distributors, we have partnered with a high quality manufacturer to bring to market steel fencing built to our exacting specifications.

Smart Homebuilders discard low price bids from Contractors and go with people that provide a fair price for a quality product. There are many cheap products stocked by Fence distributors that are imported from low quality/low cost areas around the world.

You must be careful when purchasing iron fencing to ensure you are not sacrificing quality for a cheap product that will rust and fail.

And our 3-rail product is pool code compliant.

In short, electro coating (also called e-coating) is the process by which a metallic workpiece
is submerged in a paint/water bath and electricity is used to deposit paint onto it. The electrode position process is the most automatic, controllable, and efficient method for applying a corrosion inhibiting primer to a metallic workpiec

-Pre-Galvanized Steel Inside and Out
-A rail that is 50% Larger (1.5” Wide x 1.0” Tall)
-Architectural Grade Polyester Powder coat on top of E-Coating Rackable panel can adjust to grade changes to match terrain
-20 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


-Rail Specs: 1.0” x 1.5” – 14 Gauge Steel
-Rail width is 50% larger than most competitors
-14 Gauge steel rail is 32% thicker than most cheap imports

-Picket Specs – 5/8”x 5/8” – 18 Gauge Steel
-Picket size is 25% larger than most cheap imports
-18 Gauge steel picket is 12% thicker than most cheap imports


Cheap Iron Now Can Cost You In The Future!

The above images are of our competitors products, rusting, fading and losing color after just a few years.

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