Site Security By viking


  • Secure your job site with high tech camera surveillance
  • Save money vs. traditional security guard services
  • Mitigate risk on site
  • Actively manage your project remotely
  • Dispatch security promptly when an event occurs.

Our Product In Action

Protect Your Property and Enjoy Peace of Mind Through Viking Fence’s Austin Security Cameras Installation!

In a bustling city like Austin, the security of your commercial property or job site is paramount. Security cameras are not just a deterrent to potential intruders, they’re an investment in the protection of your assets and the safety of your people. 

The challenge lies in finding a reliable provider who can deliver a comprehensive surveillance system tailored to your needs. That’s where Viking Fence comes in

With our advanced, high-tech camera surveillance solutions, you’ll have the power to actively manage your projects remotely and dispatch security promptly when needed. 

We bring more than 50 years of experience in protecting properties, so you can trust that you’re in good hands! You gain access to everything from Austin security cameras installation to access control systems in Austin, security fence in Austin, driveway gates in Austin, and more.

So, reach out for a quote today or learn more about the types of security cameras we specialize in below – and which is right for your property’s unique needs.

Why Secure Your Site With Our Products and Expertise?

Since 1972 Austin businesses and residents have placed their trust in us. This is because we combine high-quality, long-lasting solutions with world-class customer support every step of the way. 

You can expect this same commitment in our Austin commercial security systems, such as our security camera installation in Austin. 

Here are some of the solutions you have at your disposal thanks to our partnership with Wireless CCTV (WCCTV) – an industry-leading, customer-focused provider of portable, redeployable surveillance solutions:

  • WCCTV Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras: These all-in-one surveillance units are perfect for sites requiring rapid setup and flexibility. They offer 4G LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi connectivity for live and recorded footage access, with up to 4TB local storage and an industry-leading PTZ camera – all in a light, portable package.
  • WCCTV 4G HD Dome: Experience the clarity and precision of HD video at 25 frames per second with our 4G HD Dome, featuring 360° movement, 20x optical zoom, and infrared capability. With its low-light performance and onboard video analytics, this dome camera ensures comprehensive monitoring day and night.
  • WCCTV Pole Camera + LPR: Elevate your site’s security with high-accuracy LPR technology, perfect for tracking and logging vehicles. Paired with our Mini Dome’s expansive vision, this system is ideal for capturing detailed images across various conditions and high speeds.
  • WCCTV Time Lapse Video: Document the progress of your project with our Time Lapse Video service, delivering HD quality footage tailored to your project timeline and specific highlights.
  • WCCTV Mini Dome Power Options: Catering to all deployment scenarios, our Mini Dome can be installed with existing power infrastructure, paired with a solar pack for off-grid locations, or mounted on our Solar Trailer for complete autonomy.

Not sure which of these is right for your needs? That’s where we come in. With five decades of experience, we’ve seen it all and helped countless businesses secure their premises to enjoy peace of mind. 

It all starts with a conversation – so get in touch today to learn more about why Texas residents and companies partner with Viking Fence for Austin security cameras installation!

Put the Stress of Security in the Past by Requesting a Quote For Our Austin Security Cameras Installation Today!

You’re just a few clicks away from putting the stress of security and safety in the past for good. As the #1 choice for fencing in Austin, you can rest assured you’re protecting your property through a reliable, trusted partner. 

We specialize in everything from commercial fencing in Austin TX to chain link fence, wrought iron fence, vinyl fencingyou name it. Whether you’re looking for basic fencing solutions or a robust security system complete with security cameras, you can count on us.

So, request a quote today and step into a secure future with Viking Fence, where your safety is our priority.