Aluminum vs Wrought Iron Fence

Aluminum vs Wrought Iron Fence: What are the Differences and Which is Better?

Your fence plays an important role in keeping your home or business secure. But it’s not just a practical component of your yard. You want it to look good, too. 

You’ve probably come across two materials as you research the best options: aluminum fence vs wrought iron. Both can help you upgrade your property’s aesthetic and security simultaneously. But, which is better: an aluminum vs wrought iron fence? 

With more than four decades of experience in fencing, you can count on us as your guide for choosing between aluminum fence vs wrought iron fence. We’re going to peel back the layers of this debate from cost considerations to strength, durability, appearance, maintenance, and more.

By the time you reach the end of this guide you’ll feel confident in your understanding of why wrought iron fences stand a cut above aluminum – and many other types of fencing for that matter. 

And, you’ll also know why you can count on Viking Fences for all your fencing needs – from installation to repair. Before we get into that, though, let’s set the stage by breaking down key differences between the wrought iron vs aluminum fence.

What is the Difference Between Wrought Iron and Aluminum Fencing?

When you’re selecting a fence for your property, you’re making a decision that will impact both the aesthetics and security of your home for years to come. 

Two of the most popular materials on the market are wrought iron and aluminum, each with its distinct characteristics and advantages. 

However, while they might look similar from a distance, the differences can be night and day when you examine them closely.

A Brief Overview of Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is often lauded for its lightweight nature, making it a popular choice for residential and commercial properties alike. Unlike other materials, it’s highly resistant to rust and can withstand various weather conditions without too much wear and tear. 

But don’t let the “lightweight” tag fool you – aluminum fences are durable enough for most standard security needs. They are also generally easier to install than other fence types, making them a go-to for DIY enthusiasts.

The material comes in a variety of styles and finishes, including options that resemble more traditional fencing materials like wood or iron. 

Aluminum is also more cost-effective upfront, but this may vary based on the quality and style you choose. It offers a modern look but is versatile enough to complement a wide range of property styles. Now, let’s introduce the other half of the aluminum vs wrought iron fence debate.

A Brief Overview of Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron, on the other hand, is the epitome of strength and grandeur. Crafted from an iron alloy that’s both durable and malleable, these fences are made to last a lifetime – if not longer

Wrought iron fences are often custom-designed, offering you an endless variety of shapes and patterns to choose from. They are the choice for those who prioritize not only the security but also the unique aesthetic value a fence can add to a property.

Unlike aluminum, wrought iron is heavy, making it an excellent choice for heightened security measures. The strength of the material makes it incredibly difficult to breach, and its weight adds a level of durability that aluminum simply can’t match. 

While it does require more maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion, the effort is often considered worthwhile for the unparalleled elegance and robustness it brings to your property.


You may already be starting to lean towards one type of fence over the other. But, keep reading below for complete clarity on which is better between an aluminum vs wrought iron fence.

Aluminum vs Wrought Iron Fence: Which is the Right Choice For Your Property?

Deciding between aluminum vs wrought iron fencing is a significant choice that impacts not only the aesthetics of your property but also its security and maintenance. 

The stakes are high, and with both materials boasting their own sets of advantages, the decision-making process can feel overwhelming. Below, we’ll compare and contrast these two choices against the most important criteria: aesthetics, cost, durability, security, and more.

Aesthetic Appeal

When it comes to beautifying your property, aesthetics are front and center. Aluminum fences have their own charm. They’re sleek and modern, perfect for a minimalist touch. 

However, wrought iron takes aesthetics to another level. The intricacy and craftsmanship that go into wrought iron designs can’t be easily replicated. Whether it’s the elegant swirls or the historic motifs, wrought iron adds a layer of sophistication that aluminum just can’t match. 

Cost Considerations

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. After all, one of the most commonly asked questions we see is in regard to the wrought iron vs aluminum fence cost. 

Initial costs for aluminum fences are generally lower. They’re easier to produce, and that saving gets passed on to you. 

But consider this: wrought iron fences, while pricier upfront, offer unmatched durability. In the long run, this can turn out to be a cost-saving investment, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for. If you’re on a tight budget and are forced to settle for less, so be it. But just know that wrought iron fences are worth their weight in gold (and they’re pretty heavy, so that’s saying something!).

Durability and Longevity

Speaking of durability, which lasts longer between the aluminum fence vs wrought iron fence? In case it wasn’t already obvious, there is no contest here.

 Wrought iron is the epitome of strength and longevity in the world of fencing. We’re talking about a material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, from scorching heat to freezing cold. 

Aluminum, while rust-resistant, can bend or dent, making it less suitable for high-impact or high-security areas. It’s more of a visual fence than anything.

Security Measures

Security is paramount when investing in a fence. In fact, it’s the primary purpose of fencing: to keep your property safe and secure. It keeps pets and children in, and intruders out. As such, this is not something you can overlook in the fencing selection process.

Aluminum is strong but it just can’t compete with the fortress-like protection that a wrought iron fence offers. When you have a wrought iron fence, you’re getting a heavyweight barrier that’s hard to breach. Plus, wrought iron can be designed with pointed or intricate tops, making it not just difficult, but also intimidating to climb over. 

All these features come together to make a wrought iron fence a formidable opponent against unwanted trespassing. It’s one of the premier security fencing solutions for this reason. 

Maintenance and Upkeep Needs

You’ll find that aluminum and wrought iron have their own set of quirks and demands when it comes to keeping your fence looking fresh and functioning well.

And, this is the one instance aluminum has an edge in comparing wrought iron vs aluminum fences. Aluminum fences virtually take care of themselves. A quick rinse and they’re as good as new, thanks to their high resistance to corrosion.

But don’t underestimate the enduring charm of a well-maintained wrought iron fence. True, it needs more frequent checks for rust and occasional repainting. 

However, these efforts serve to preserve not just the material but also the artistry and history it represents. Over time, the character it acquires transforms your property into something akin to a local treasure.

In a nutshell, aluminum offers convenience, but wrought iron rewards your care with timeless elegance and hard-to-match durability. You get out what you put in, after all.

Customization Options

Finally, if you’re someone who loves to stamp your own personality onto your property, wrought iron gives you that creative freedom. This is especially true when you partner with us at Viking Fence, as our wrought iron fences are totally custom.

The malleability of wrought iron fencing allows for a vast range of designs and styles, from the classic to the avant-garde. With aluminum, you’re somewhat confined to the manufacturer’s designs.

So, Should You Go With an Aluminum Fence vs Wrought Iron Fence?

By now the answer should be clear, but if you’re still left with any degree of doubt or uncertainty, which is better: aluminum fence vs wrought iron fence?

After weighing the factors like aesthetic appeal, cost considerations, durability, security, and maintenance, it’s clear that wrought iron fencing rises to the top. It offers unparalleled beauty, stands the test of time, and brings a level of security that few other materials can match. 

While aluminum does have its merits, it just can’t compete with the grandeur and reliability that wrought iron brings to the table. It really only has an edge in the short term cost consideration and maintenance needs.

When you invest in a wrought iron fence, you’re not just putting up a boundary. You’re making a statement, safeguarding your property, and elevating your home’s value in a way that only this timeless material can. 

And, if you’re in Texas, Viking Fences is here to help you attain all these benefits with the most seamless service around.

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Or, reach out and we’ll address any questions or concerns you have about wrought iron. Because at this point, it’s time to bring this conversation on wrought iron fence vs aluminum fence to a close.

Bringing Our Conversation on Wrought Iron Fence vs Aluminum Fence to a Close

We’ve explored the ins and outs of aluminum vs wrought iron fences, diving into aspects like aesthetics, durability, cost, security, and maintenance. 

While aluminum has its benefits, it simply can’t rival the elegance, robustness, and security that wrought iron offers. In short, if you’re in search of a fencing solution that offers a rich blend of beauty, longevity, and a fortress-like feel, wrought iron is the unbeatable choice.

As we draw this conversation on aluminum vs wrought iron fence to a close and leave you to consider your fencing options, don’t forget that Viking Fences in Texas is your one-stop solution for premier wrought iron fences – and all things fence supply Austin, for that matter

Our dedication to quality and craftsmanship is unmatched, and our full-service approach ensures that you get a fence you’ll love for years to come.  

So, elevate the look and safety of your property with a wrought iron fence from Viking Fences. When you see the way it enhances your home or business, you’ll be glad you did.