Best Picket on the Market, Bar None!

A fence is your first line of security in protecting property and an extension of your aesthetic taste – simultaneously. We understand that quality and visual appeal are non-negotiable, and that’s precisely what our western red cedar fence pickets in San Antonio offer!

Upgrade Your Home or Business With an Aesthetic, Durable Western Red Cedar Fence in San Antonio!

Poorly constructed fences not only detract from your property’s visual appeal, but they’re also prone to quick wear and tear, inviting a slew of problems. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your fence set up once and not worry about it for a few decades? 

Unlike conventional fencing materials that succumb to rot, warping, and degradation, our ¾-inch thick western red cedar boards are crafted for lasting performance. And they aren’t just a functional, durable investment in your property. They add aesthetic appeal with a stunning, rustic red appearance.

With Big Tex’s western red cedar fence in San Antonio, you’re investing in a fence that will stand tall through San Antonio’s heat, rain, and wind, harmoniously blending resilience with beauty. Protect your property the way it deserves – request a quote today!

Why You Can Count on Big Tex for Western Red Cedar Fence Pickets in San Antonio

Why has Big Tex reigned supreme as the #1 choice for western red cedar fence pickets in San Antonio since 1972? The answer is multifold. 

First, our boards are ¾” thick, almost 50% thicker than what you’ll find at big box stores. This means unparalleled dimensional stability, reduced bowing, and enhanced longevity. Simply put, you get better quality for the money.

But beyond the quality, you also enjoy unparalleled versatility in fencing materials. We offer an exclusive selection of grades to cater to varied needs: 

  • Select Tight Knot This is your go-to for intricate, custom horizontal fence designs, where every knot and grain matters.
  • Residential 2/Btr Grade The well-rounded, versatile choice that balances durability, appearance, and cost-efficiency.
  • Rustic Grade: When budget is a concern but quality can’t be compromised, our Rustic Grade offers an affordable yet reliable fencing solution.

Then there’s the intrinsic quality of western red cedar itself. The wood is rich in natural oils, providing an organic resistance to rot, decay, and pest infestations. This is not eco-friendly, long-lasting beauty at its finest.

Let’s not forget the environmental factor. We source our cedar responsibly, adhering to sustainable forestry standards. So you’re not just enhancing your property – you’re contributing to the well-being of the planet.

Beyond the materials themselves, our reputation of excellence extends to our team. Our skilled estimators own your project from conception to completion, ensuring unparalleled commitment. From quality control to installation, our staff has the longest tenures in the industry, signifying a culture of excellence. Why would you settle for anything less in your search for the #1 western red cedar fence in San Antonio?

Invest in Your Property Today by Requesting a Quote on Our Western Red Cedar Fence Pickets in San Antonio!

When you partner with Big Tex you’re making a lasting investment in the integrity and beauty of your property. Elegance, durability, and quality – these are not just words but the pillars of Big Tex’s commitment to you.

Whether you’re building a fence here in San Antonio or you need western red cedar fence pickets in Austin, take the first step toward a future of uncompromising quality by requesting a quote on a western red cedar fence in San Antonio today.

Call us at (512) 837-6411, or use our Estimate Request Form, for a free estimate today on any of these products!