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Temporary Fence Panels

Temporary Fence Panels are one of the best ways to secure sites for construction, events and more.  Viking temporary fence panels can be deployed quickly to a site.  They can also be removed quickly.  They require no ground penetration so they are perfect for sites that have paved lots and sidewalks that need to be maintained.

Temporary fences are a versatile solution to fencing needs that can be installed and taken down quickly.

At first glance, the very concept of a rental fence seems somewhat counter-intuitive. After all, if you need a fence for privacy or security, you are going to need it on a continuing basis. Yet there are many times when a fence is needed for a limited amount of time. So, if you in fact only need a fence for a while, it would make almost no sense to buy a regular permanent fence outright and then, a month later, dig it back up and throw it away.

The major attraction of temporary rental fences is that they offer a significant cost reduction in comparison to a formal fence installation. The labor factor is much reduced, since there is no need to dig holes or pour concrete, nor to return later and yank out all those concreted fence posts from the site. Rental fence can be erected and taken down very rapidly, even in comparison to just putting up a regular chain link fence– not to mention removal as well.

Viking Rentals offers fence panels, temporary chain link fence, barricades and accessories. We have your rental fencing needs covered in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin.