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Iron Fence and Railings in Austin

Viking Fence provides our customers with a Custom Iron shop dedicated to producing the finest iron fences, iron railings and iron gates in the industry. Viking Fence is also proud to offer of pre-manufactured iron fence products from Betafence USA. Select a product line below to find out more.


Custom Iron


Custom iron railing

Our Custom Iron and Gate Division offers services such as designing, building and installing fences, gates and handrails for your Austin home. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with a custom iron project, or read more by clicking below.


Residential Iron


Iron Residential Fence

Upgrade by Betafence USA is a pre-manufactured iron fencing system that will be installed locally at your home by Viking Fence in Austin after it is evaluated for quality. Click the button below to find out more about the options in Upgrade residential iron fence.


Commercial Iron


Iron Commercial Fence

Viking Fence evaluates, distributes and installs the Upgrade by Betafence USA iron fencing for commercial properties with the options of commercial, industrial and heavy industrial fence. Click below to learn more about this service from our Austin location.

Viking’s Custom Iron Division

Viking Fence is the only fence company in Central Texas with an in-house Custom Iron and Gate Division focused on high-quality fabrication and installation. Our Viking Fence employees fabricate and install all of the custom projects we work on. The quality of your project is our number one priority. Viking can provide the following:

  • Design services
  • Exterior and Interior Railing Fabrication/Installation
  • Custom Iron Fence Fabrication/Installation
  • Custom Iron Gate Fabrication/Installation
  • Driveway Gates
  • Walk Gates/Garden Gates
  • Separate Residential and Commercial Fabrication Shops

Betafence UpGrade Residential Iron Fence Systems

Viking Fence is proud to offer Betafence USA Iron Products to our customers in Central Texas. Betafence’s iron fencing is the finest available and Viking Fence exclusively distributes and installs their top-of-the-line products for residential applications. Betafence iron fence solutions are rack-able and respond to grade changes in your property by using their exclusive paneled design. Viking Fence offers the full selection of heights, widths and styles to accommodate any design need and property type. Your iron fence can be topped in a variety of styles, including:

  • Pinnacle, also called ‘Press Spear’
  • Summit, our Extended Squared Picket design
  • Landmark, our Flat Top rail design
  • Custom Finials are available for Summit style panels, featuring Lance, Crown, Fanfare and Flair designs

Choose from a variety of picket sizes, spacing options and finials that can complete your fencing project with the utmost in safety, security and aesthetic perfection. Betafence USA, based in Ennis, TX, boasts over 130 years of fencing repair, design and building experience, and only Viking Fence can bring their newest, state-of-the-art iron fencing solutions to your project.


Betafence UpGrade Commercial/Industrial Iron Fence Systems

Viking Fence is also your exclusive distributor and installer of Betafence USA’s Commercial, Industrial and Heavy Industrial iron fence systems. These American-made iron fence solutions exceed the highest quality standards and use Betafence’s unique, super-strong construction techniques and flexible design to provide the ultimate in safety, security and beauty.

Betafence oversees the manufacturing process from start to finish in their Ennis, TX, factory, ensuring that their 100% Made in the USA commercial iron fence products are of the highest possible quality and that they meet or exceed Buy America requirements. These flexible, attractive Commercial/Industrial products include the following option and features:

  • 3/4”, 1.0” and 1.25” picket sizes
  • A variety of fence heights, from 4’ through 12’
  • Various post and fence styles like Extended Picket, Press Spear, Flat Top and Curved Hi-Security
  • 1.5” and 2.0” rail sizes
  • Betafence iron fence panels are available in 2, 3 or 4 rail options
  • Picket spacing is available in either 4” spacing or 6” spacing
  • A variety of custom Powder-coat colors are available on a special-order basis


What makes a quality ornamental wrought iron fence?

What to look for in a quality product:

  • Is the manufacturer using galvanized steel?
  • Are the pickets and the rails galvanized inside and outside?
  • If so, what’s the zinc rating of the galvanized coating?
  • How is the steel treated prior to powder coating?

The answers to these questions dictate how long a company can warranty its product.

What to look for in a quality installation:

  • Does the fence company have a standard for how ornamental iron fencing should be installed?
  • Are they organized to ensure a quality installation?

As a company that stands behind both, the warranty says it all. A warranty is only as good as the company behind the warranty.


What to Expect From Viking Quality Wrought Iron:

Hot-dipped galvanized steel. “Ornamental Iron” fencing, as it is commonly referred to, is actually, for the most part, galvanized steel or aluminum that has been galvanized and/or coated to prevent rust. True wrought iron fences are not common these days, for economic and practical reasons. Quality “ornamental iron” fence manufacturers start with hot-dipped galvanized steel. Hot-dip galvanizing is the process of applying a zinc coating to fabricated iron or steel material by immersing the material in a bath consisting primarily of molten zinc. It is inherently simple and effective, and this simplicity is a distinct advantage over other corrosion-protection methods. The hot-dip galvanizing process coats the fence pickets and rails both inside and out. Some manufacturers only coat one side of the steel picket and/or rail. As a result, their steel will rust on the side that doesn’t have any protection (usually the inside). To get complete protection, both sides must be galvanized.

Highest level of zinc protection. Why is zinc important? Zinc’s most remarkable quality is its natural capacity to protect against the elements. Zinc seals the underlying steel from contact with its environment. If the steel is exposed to the elements, the surrounding zinc corrodes sacrificially, protecting the underlying steel from corrosive attack. Because zinc is the sacrificial lamb, the more zinc a product has, the more corrosion protection it will have.

By protecting against corrosion and its costly effects, zinc extends the life of ornamental iron products. Zinc is an expensive commodity and getting more expensive in recent years because of the emerging demand from countries like China. As a result, some manufacturers either apply a thinner layer of zinc or none at all. The ornamental iron products that Viking offers have the highest level of zinc protection in the industry (G90). The G90 standard means that a sheet of steel has 0.90 oz. of zinc per sq. ft. Some manufacturers build their fence panels with either a G30-G60 level of zinc and some, believe it or not, use steel that isn’t hot-dipped galvanized at all.

Below is an example of a fence manufactured by a local Austin firm that calls itself a leader in the ornamental iron industry. It was installed 2 years ago.

example of low-quality iron


Total submersion E-Coat Process. For corrosion to begin, there must be an exposed surface that is not protected. Typical paint processes, no matter how carefully applied, cannot cover many vulnerable exterior surfaces such as the underside of a channel rail or the open area near the end of a tubular picket. Major corrosion problems start from the inside. All of the ornamental iron fencing that Viking Fence installs is coated by the same E-Coat process proven in the automotive industry to ensure application coverage of all exposed surfaces. The galvanized steel framework is subjected to a multi-stage pre-treatment/wash (with zinc phosphate), followed by a duplex cathodic E-Coat system consisting of an epoxy primer, which significantly increases corrosion protection, and an acrylic topcoat, which provides protection necessary to withstand adverse weathering effects.

Are there hidden costs in choosing a product that isn’t galvanized? The simple answer is “yes.” The costs of additional surface protection (i.e. primer and paint), touch-up and maintenance far outweigh the initial cost of using a hot dipped galvanized product. Download this Galvanized vs. Painted PDF document for a cost analysis of galvanizing vs. other steel protection systems.

Viking Wrought Iron Installation:

Viking Fence has documented installation standards and a dedicated Quality Control Division. Viking Fence continually trains their fence installation crews on our fence installation standards. Our goal is to give you the highest quality installation in the industry. Additionally, Viking Fence has a dedicated Quality Control Division to ensure that our installers are adhering to these standards. Most fence companies don’t make this investment. We feel it is crucial to our reputation and our continued success.

Viking Wrought Iron Warranty:

Viking Fence ornamental iron products have the highest warranties in the industry. Compare that to local and regional manufacturers who claim to be leaders in the industry. We feel that the warranties these companies offer tell the entire story. Anyone can sell an inferior product at a cheap price and then walk away when it’s time to support it. Only companies committed to quality furnish and install the best ornamental iron in the industry and then stand behind that product and its installation. Viking has been a Texas tradition in fencing for over 30 years. We will be here to support your fence if a problem ever arises. We have built a portfolio of ornamental iron fences that Viking installs to assist you when you’re ready to tackle your fence project. Call us today for a free estimate at (512) 837-6411 or fill out our online form.

When you think iron fence, think Viking!