Noise Reduction Fencing

Sound Reduction Fences

Fences can be outfitted with a material that reduces the amount of noise that can pass through the fence. This special material acts like a screen that absorbs sound and converts some of it into heat. This greatly reduces the amount of sound that makes it through the fence, and can even reduce a sound’s volume by over 25 decibels, which may not seem like much, but constitutes a 75% reduction in volume.

This material can be easily installed onto most fences. For example, in a shadowbox fence, it can be inserted in between the pickets, creating a sound-reducing barrier.

Some people who live in noisy areas, such as those who live along train tracks or near highways, have to deal with loud barrages of sound more often than they would like. Noise levels can become annoying and can take away from a person’s enjoyment of their home and can even affect their day-to-day happiness. These are the kinds of people who could benefit greatly from adding a noise reducing mechanism to their fences. Noise-reducing fences sound like a futuristic invention, but they are now commercially available.

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