An iron gate can help you secure your residential or commercial property. It can provide a beautiful aesthetic that can increase the value of your property. If you are looking for a new gate, you have many different options. Popular choices include swing gates, vertical pivot gates, and slide gates. Slide gates can be controlled by remote or keypad, and can be an excellent way to protect your property.

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Types of Sliding Gates

There are two types of sliding gates available from Viking Fence. Single slide gates consist of a gate that slides off to the side in one direction when opening. Dual slide gates consist of two separate halves, each of which slides in opposite directions to open, with the two halves coming together when the gate closes.

Viking Fence can supply gate material, hardware, and access control accessories for your new gate. We also offer high quality and fast installation services. Other popular choices for gating options are swing gates and vertical pivot gates. The custom designers of Viking Fence can help you decide which will best suit your property. You will also have the option of increasing the security of your property by adding an automatic arm to block vehicles from going in and out, such as in a parking garage.

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