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Temporary Fencing and Fence Rental

Viking’s temporary fence is perfect for construction sites and special events (festivals, concerts, trade shows, tail-gating events, sporting events, parades, etc…) Our temporary fence solutions will help you with:

  • Theft Prevention
  • Liability Management
  • Security & Privacy
  • Crowd & Access Control

Viking is locally owned and operated. You won’t be dealing with a national company that doesn’t have a local presence. Located in central Texas, Viking is highly committed to prompt and courteous customer service.

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Viking offers the following temporary fence options:

  • In ground fence (posts driven into the ground – for uneven terrain)
  • Free standing panels
  • Swing Gates
  • Barb Wire
  • Windscreens (for dust control and enhanced visual security)

All pricing is per linear foot. You only pay for what you get. Viking also provides an emergency/expedite service in the event you need a temporary fence at a location as soon as possible.

Note to Contractors – Keep More Money in your pocket!

Ask your Viking estimator about Viking’s exclusive damage waiver rate, which protects you against charge-backs for damage to your temporary fence.

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As you know, activity at construction sites can easily trample any rental fence you pay for. Viking’s damage waiver rate protects you, as long as damage to the installed temporary fence does not exceed 20% of the total fence length.

No more untimely charge-backs! No more money out of your pocket after you’ve completed the project!

Call us at (512) 837-6411, or contact us via our Contact Us page, and we will find a fence solution that is right for you. Minimum invoice of $500 required.

When you think Temporary Fence Rental, think Viking!

Construction Rental
Viking offers temporary rental fence for construction sites and special events, with in-ground and free standing panel rentals, gates & privacy windscreen.