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These products combine steadfast strength, beauty, and durability. Fortress Iron’s specialized dual galvanizing system and premium exterior powder coat finish will eliminate virtually all maintenance concerns. Whether your needs are for residential or multi-family, Viking has the perfect Fortress fence products for your project.

Viking offers three lines of Fortress Iron fence products. Fortress Classic, the new Fortress Versai and the premium privacy fence Ornamental Estate.

Fortress Classic:

Elegant simplicity. Fortress Classic Ornamental Iron Fencing brings a clean and sophisticated look to your outdoor living area. The traditional fence is great for pool fence, perimeter fence, golf courses, greenbelts or even commercial applications. The look is simple yet very rich and creates an open feel while separating spaces. The fence panels are all prefabricated allowing for few job site alterations bringing the quality of the powder coat finish and galvanized steel straight from the factory floor to the installation without jeopardizing the finish. With the premium finish and time vested in hand smoothing every weld joint the product not only looks great, it is built to last! The unparalleled quality allows Fortress to offer a 10 year limited warranty that is hard to come by in iron fencing.

The traditional two rail wrought iron designs are available in the three most popular styles; Flat Top, Extended Picket, and Pressed Spear Picket. For more ornate designs, several accent top panels are available to choose from and can be added to dress up and customize your Fortress fence. Pet safe panels can also be added to tighten up the picket spacing and assure that pets stay enclosed in the yard.

For Grade Changes – Rackable panels are available in all 3 styles allowing you to keep the same even look while managing grade change. Stair stepping or Step & Level fences are not necessary with the rackable options, allowing you to keep a smooth and continuous transition from section to section on even the steepest grade. All rackable styles can be adjusted to over 40 degree pitches handling even the worst terrain. Fortress adjustable panels work on a hinge system where they maintain their structure and differ from other products that adjust by bending steel or weld joint, creating a weakened attachment point and susceptible rust spot.

Fortress Classic Features

100% Galvanized Steel, inside and outside – G90 Zinc-coated smooth welds – means no rusting
Welded or adjustable panels available Various styles available (plain iron panel, extended picket, pressed spear, circles, etc…)
10 year limited manufacturer warranty

Fortress Versai:

Innovation. Versai Ornamental Iron Fence by Fortress is the most innovative fencing product on the market today. With its recent release it has become the first fence of its kind and has obtained two patents for its inventive engineering. The product was developed to respond to a demand for an attractive 3 rail style fence that would allow adjustability, maintain its integrity and carry a warranty superior to all others.

After two years of engineering work Versai Fencing finally hits the market bringing several new offerings to the industry. This is the first product to undergo both a DuPont® E-Coat dip paint process and a DuPont® Polyester UV Powder Coating. The dual paint process is unprecedented and applied over a zinc phosphate coating and thick galvanized coated steel. These four layers of corrosion resistance create a virtually indestructible barrier to the corrosion that plagues so many lesser steel fences.

Versai Fences carry a 20 year limited warranty!! Every picket and rail connection point also houses a hidden stainless steel pin hinge that allows up to 37 degrees of grade change for managing the natural ups and downs of a fence line. Judging by the strength, you will know this is a welded panel but not by appearance…all 60+ weld joints are completely hidden. Both sides of the rails remain perfectly smooth with no visible fasteners or waviness to the rail. This "do all" fence panel installs with a simple and secure bracket mounting so that no welding or major alteration is ever necessary and won’t jeopardize this premium finish.

The panels are available in the three most common fence styles of Flat Top, Extended Picket and Pressed Spear Picket. A special Pool Fence size is also available to respond to increasingly strict Pool Codes for the protection of children. All styles have traditional walk and drive gates as well as beautiful arched gates for an elegant look.

Fortress Versai Features

100% Galvanized Steel, inside and outside – G90 Dupont E Coating Plus Dupont Alesta Polyester Powder Coating
Adjusts up to 48″ over 8 ft. or 37º Stainless steel pin hinge mechanism
Omni Directional Mounting Bracket Rigid fully welded construction
20 year limited manufacturer warranty No visible fasteners where pickets meet rails

Ornamental Estate Privacy Fence:

Truly the Cadillac of Privacy Fence. This one of a kind fence combines the strength of ornamental iron with the privacy created by a wood fence. The combination of an ornamental iron fence and wood fence create an extremely rich look and is very functional at the same time. The ornamental iron fence acts as the structure and uses steel rails and posts that will not rot like a typical wood privacy fence. Wood is used strictly as a filler to create the privacy desired. The wood pickets are fastened to the steel rails with stainless steel screws. In the case of rotten wood down the road, it is simple to replace the boards as needed but the extremely important frame work will always remain strong and intact and would not need replacement like a typical wood fence.

Mixing Fortress Classic Fence and Estate Fence on the same project is very common. This allows you to keep a common look while obtaining privacy in desired areas and openness in others. This classy fence has many residential applications such as shared neighbor fence, pool pump enclosures or subdivision perimeters. Commercial applications range for trash dump enclosures to long run perimeter privacy fencing. The Estate line is complete with both Walk Gates and Drive gates.

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