Versai Ornamental Fence offers the solution to a need for a premium quality but cost effective system capable of handling aggressive grade changes frequently seen around homes.

Commercial (V2)

V2 is perfect for commercial and industrial areas with its innovative adjustable design. Use V2 around schools, parks, businesses for added security.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy rackability with hidden pin hinge – no visible fasteners
  • Perfectly smooth rails on both sides – no unsightly picket-to-rail connection point
  • 100% pre-galvanized and powder coated iron, which means virtually maintenance free
  • Coated with FortressShield – DuPont® E Coat plus DuPont® Alesta Polyester Powder Coating
  • 20 year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Rigid welded steel construction – twice the strength of aluminum fence
  • Pre-punched mounting holes for simple and cost effective bracket installation

Virtually Maintenance Free

Versai Ornamental Fence is virtually maintenance free. With the ability to resist effects of weathering, Versai Ornamental Fence is coated with FortressShield which is a specialized mixture that encompasses a premium powder coating loaded with UV inhibitors and a heavy zinc galvanization treatment.

Steel vs. Aluminum

Steel is 4x stronger than aluminum (source: US Steel) Aluminum is more susceptible to fatigue, sagging and damage
Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion occurs in untreated steel in the form of red rust Corrosion occurs in aluminum in the form of oxidation
Corrosion is Prevented by Treatment and Coating
VersaiTM with FortressShield – 100% Zinc galvanization, Zinc Phosphate, Full emersion E-Coat, Powder Coat (4 layers) Most aluminum fences are powder coated on bare aluminum (1 layer)
Picket-to-rail Connection: Tamper-proof, internally welded steel pin hinges Picket-to-rail Connection: screws or pop rivets
Damage Resistance
Withstands daily abuse of yard maintenance, children’s play and large pets Flimsy construction requires frequent repair and replacement
Post Spacing
Standard 8′ wide panels require fewer posts and less installation costs Standard 6′ wide panels require more specialty posts, concrete and higher installation costs