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The best pre-manufactured iron fence system in the industry! Built by BetaFence USA. Evaluated, distributed, and installed by Viking Fence.

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¾” Pickets

1.5” Rail

Commercial iron fence systems by Betafence are created to meet the strength, security and beauty needs of your commercial property iron fence project. Press spear tops add an ornamental touch to your iron fencing project. Each panel is powder coated with a unique, architectural-grade material.


1” Pickets

2” Rail

Industrial Iron fencing by Betafence USA is available in several different panel heights and rails-per-panel, and can be tailored to the contour of the landscape. Betafence UpGrade Industrial iron fencing is also available in custom powder coats by placing a special order though Viking Fence’s website.

Heavy Industrial

1.25” Pickets

2” Rail

Heavy Industrial/High Security iron fence solutions by Betafence USA, and installed by Viking Fence, provides the ultimate in security and ornamental value for high-security fencing applications, and wherever the heaviest duty fencing is required. The curved, pressed spear pickets deter intruders while adding an ornamental touch to high security situations.

Strong and Beautiful Iron Fence Solutions

Viking Fence now carries Betafence USA’s UpGrade Iron Fence, a 100% American-made innovation that replaces the standard iron fence systems of old. Betafence’s cutting-edge products provide unmatched strength and beauty and are engineered to adapt to slopes in property in a way no other fence can. UpGrade iron fences are manufactured at the Ennis, Texas Betafence USA facility.


Choose from four picket styles that add a final, ornamental touch to your chosen iron fence style. Fences are powder coated in black, but can be customized. UpGrade ornamental fences provide safety, security and a luxurious look as they protect and preserve your property.


UpGrade’s innovative design does away with welded tabs that can break and rust apart. Each picket is built within high-strength rails, eliminating picket removal and rattling.

Complete Product Selection


Residential, commercial and industrial fencing systems are available in four picket styles:

  • Pinnacle (press spear)
  • Landmark (straight rail top)
  • Defender (high-security archtop)
  • Summit (flat top picket) – Summit pickets can be adorned with a selection of ornamental finials.

High Test Powder Coating

A finish that will stand the test of time!

metal treatment

Betafence’s panels, pickets and gates are protected from weathering and UV aging by an exclusive, architectural-grade powder coating, ensuring that their integrity remains throughout the years without a lot of maintenance.

Adapts to slopes

Unique in the iron fence industry, UpGrade iron fence systems conform to the natural gradation of your property, instead of those unsightly ‘stepped’ panels. UpGrade panels rack up to 48” per 8’ panel in either direction.

20 Year Warranty. Made in the USA. Engineered to last.

Made in the USA.

  • Panels – Using the industry’s highest-strength rails.
  • Posts – Panels are attached with high-strength steel brackets to galvanized and powder-coated square tubular steel posts.
  • Gates – Available in swing, slide or cantilever.

UpGrade Ornamental Fence System Product Warranty