Fences may be relatively small construction projects, but they still require a lot of hard work to build. Fences come in a wide variety of materials and can be built to whatever specifications you would like or pertinent regulations require. However, there are a few basic components that all fences share. These differentiate fences from walls.

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Fence Anatomy 101

The posts are the main part of any fence. They serve as the fence’s backbone, keeping it stable and together through strong winds and other weather effects. The fence posts are usually set a few feet apart. In order to protect the fence’s integrity, they must be placed a few feet into the ground. It also helps to set the posts into a base of some kind. Most commonly, the setting material is concrete or dirt. This helps prevent them from being knocked over or ripped up. While concrete post setting is more stable, it is also more expensive and more difficult to set up.

The posts must be attached to each other somehow. This is usually accomplished using a board as railing. The railing runs along the posts and is usually attached to them by nails. Smaller fences can use glue, but this is not nearly as prevalent. Additional parts of fences can be decorative elements, such as fence post caps. There are not very many components to fences, but they can be rather difficult to install.

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