Palisade fencing is one of the oldest forms of security fencing. These fences have been used to protect against invasions for hundreds of years and were a mainstay in ancient defenses. In the present era, it remains a very popular type of security fencing. Palisade fences provide a lot of customization options do not require intense preparation to erect.

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What are Palisade Fences?

Palisade fences look like tall, metal picket fences that have been adapted for security purposes. They provide a great deal of security while maintaining a pleasant appearance. Palisade fences are rather tall, making them difficult to scale. To top things off, they can be outfitted with various kinds of heads to make them serve more specific functions. The heading of the palisade fence, called a pale head, can come in various shapes, some more foreboding than others. They can also be electrified to further prevent intrusion.

These fences are useful because of their transparency. They do not allow people to hide behind the fencing, since there is a good amount of space between individual palisades. All in all, palisade fencing is a great security fencing option that has withstood the test of time.

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