Thousands of people in central Texas choose iron fences for both the security they provide as well as the aesthetics they offer a home or business. Iron is chosen as a fencing material for many reasons, but its durability and longevity are obvious benefits.

The Austin iron fence installers, designers, and maintenance workers at Viking Fence go above and beyond the competition. Our personal, timely, and friendly service will exceed your expectations. Contact Viking Fence today by calling 1-800-252-8117 to learn more about iron fence installation and maintenance.

Keeping Your Iron Fence Looking Brand New

One of the major concerns of building any kind of fence is how to keep it looking great over a long period of time. Taking the following maintenance steps regularly can help extend the life of your iron fence:

  • Check latches regularly
  • Check for dents and loose bolts
  • Treat rust spots immediately
  • Clean the fence with soap
  • Wax the outside of the fence

If you have questions about maintaining your iron fence, or if you are looking for assistance with repairs, Viking Fence is ready to help.

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The higher the quality of your fencing materials, the more likely it is that your iron fence will last a lifetime. Viking Fence specializes in the installation and maintenance of iron fences. As the only central Texas fencing company with an in-house Custom Iron & Gate division, we can both help install your iron fence and help it look great for years to come. Contact the Austin iron fencing experts of Viking Fence today by calling 1-800-252-8117.