Most people do not build a fence only to increase the value of a home. Fencing offers many people’s homes and business added aesthetic appeal as well as safety, security, and privacy. Increasing the value of a property is just a fortunate byproduct of a well-considered fencing project and a well-built fence.

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How Fencing Can Increase Your Property’s Value

There are many factors that play into the effect fencing has on property value. The following are the three most influential factors:

  • Aesthetics – A person’s first impression of a home of business is always based on appearance. Part of the appeal of a well-built and visually pleasing fence is that it makes your property stand out, just as maintaining a yard or keeping a freshly painted house would.
  • Privacy – Installation of certain types of fencing can obscure views into the property. Privacy fencing can particularly increase property values for people with pools or large patios.
  • Security – A fence can keep unwanted visitors out and it can also keep young family members or pets safe and inside the property boundaries.

How much or little a fence affects property value will depend on the material of the fence, the quality of installation, and the age of the fence. Many people will even fix their fencing before selling a property because the increase in value of the home outweighs the cost of maintenance.

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