FAAC describes itself as “the world’s largest specialized manufacturer of automated gate operating equipment.” Since releasing its first gate operator in 1968, FAAC has gone on to become an industry leader in gate operators.

FAAC only manufactures gate operators, so individuals will still need to purchase access control systems from another company. To learn more about FAAC’s products and prices, contact the Austin FAAC gate operator installers of Viking Fence Company at 1-800-252-8117 today.

FAAC Products

FAAC makes several different kinds of gate operators. Each of these operators is designed to work with a variety of gates. It is important to note that FAAC does not manufacture gates themselves, just the operators.

The FAAC product line includes:

  • Swing gate operators
  • Slide gate operators
  • Barrier gate operators

In addition to these standard products, FAAC manufactures low voltage gate operators. The low voltage options include swing gate operators, garage door operators, and in-ground operators. These operators are more for residential use, while the standard operators are for both residential and commercial use.

For more information about which FAAC gate operators might work well on your property for your needs, contact an Austin FAAC gate operator installer today.

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