One of the most important features of a high security fence is an access control system to go along with it. Access control systems from DoorKing come with a variety of features that can help property owners restrict access both in and out of their premises.

DoorKing access control systems can be used in a number of settings. If you are considering adding an access control system to your property, DoorKing may have the right system for you. Contact the Austin DoorKing access control installers of Viking Fence Company at 1-800-252-8117.

DoorKing Products

DoorKing makes a number of products used to restrict access to properties. DoorKing’s products were the first to contain microprocessors and magnets to restrict vehicular access to private properties. The systems they offer include :

  • Telephone entry systems
  • Key card readers
  • Magnetic locks

These systems from DoorKing add security to properties. Individuals must have proper credentials to enter guarded premises and as such, property owners can control the people to whom they provide access to these credentials, thus controlling who can and cannot access their property.

DoorKing access control systems can be adapted for a number of settings, including businesses, homes, apartment complexes, and more. For more information about DoorKing solutions and pricing, contact an Austin DoorKing access control installation representative today.

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The Austin DoorKing access control installers at Viking Fence Company can help you decide which access control systems are best for your needs. For more information about systems and prices, contact our Austin representatives today at 1-800-252-8117.