If you are a handy individual looking to install a fence on your property, it is important to make sure you are prepared to customize your fence to the contour of your property. Fences built on inclines need to be built in a highly specialized way. Failure to adjust to the contour may result in an unstable fence.

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Incline Fencing Installation

A fence can add beauty to your property, and it can also offer security and privacy. In some cases, a fence may even raise the value of your home or business. If your property lies on an incline, the following are two types of fences to consider.

  • Contour fencing – This fencing follows the contour of your yard. It may be difficult to install because it requires curved poles and complex measurements. However, it can accent the incline or rolling hills on your property.
  • Step fencing – This incline fencing is created by building even fences that drop down levels based on the degree of the incline.
  • Incline fences can be built out of nearly any kind of fencing material. Do not let the incline on your property stop you from having the fence you want.

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