A security fence is not complete without an access control system. For environmentally concerned individuals, adding an access control gate from USAutomatic to a security fence can help keep unwanted individuals out while not harming the environment.

USAutomatic relies on solar technology and efficiency for their access control gates. If you are looking to add an access control system to your property, contact the Austin USAutomatic gate installers of Viking Fence Company at 1-800-252-8117 to learn more about USAutomatic.

USAutomatic Product Line

All of USAutomatic’s products can run off of solar panels or AC power. This means that individuals whose access control gates are in direct sunlight can save on operating expenses with their environmentally friendly gates.

USAutomatic offers swing gates and slide gates that restrict access to properties. These products are great for both residential and commercial use and are highly efficient, which means that individuals who choose the AC option will not see significant increases in electricity bills.

Additionally, individuals who decide to install the solar panel option may be entitled to a 30% rebate on their installations. To learn more about the rebate and about USAutomatic’s product line, interested individuals should contact an Austin USAutomatic gate installer today.

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The Austin USAutomatic gate installers of Viking Fence Company can answer your questions about USAutomatic’s products and install the system for you. To learn more about getting one of these systems installed on your property, contact us today at 1-800-252-8117 today.