When building a new fence, many people choose wrought iron fencing because of its dual functional and ornamental qualities. Wrought iron is more visually appealing than many other types of fencing available today. If you are looking for a quality wrought iron fence for your home or business, you should know that not all fencing materials are created equal. It is important to be informed of the different grades of fencing so that you can properly choose a durable fence for your home.

Signs of Quality

At first glance, most wrought iron fences look the same. However, over time the difference in quality quickly begins to show. Some fences will begin to rust in just a few years, requiring constant repainting to maintain a decent appearance. Other higher quality fences will last for many years without showing any signs of weathering. While you may pay more up front for a better fence, you will save money in the long run by avoiding costly maintenance and repairs.

Many fencing companies will try to sell you a wrought iron fence that contains galvanized steel on one side but not the other. This means that one side of the fence, typically the inside, will begin to rust and show signs of wear in just a few short years. At Viking Fence, our wrought iron fences contain galvanized steel on both sides to provide maximum protection from the elements.

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Before purchasing a new fence for your home or business, be sure that you are aware of all of your options and the level of quality that is being sold to you. To speak to an Austin fencing professional about installing a well constructed, high quality wrought iron fence, contact Viking Fence today at 512-837-6411.