Adding Lattice to a Fence

Adding lattice to a fence adds a decorative and functional element to the structure.

Lattice is a wooden or composite material of inch-thick strips laid out in a diagonal grid pattern. Lattice can dress up a fence and extend the privacy at the top of the fence, and provide extra protection, support and safety at the base. Lattice can be applied in large and small areas for shade, snow screening, and repair. Attaching lattice to an existing fence is quite simple.

Before adding lattice, measure the fencing to which you will add it. Using a saw, cut your lattice material to fit your desired location. Next, set the lattice in place, making sure it is flush against the fencing. If necessary, secure the lattice with string or plastic zip ties to hold it in place. Attach the lattice to the fence using a hammer or nail gun. Secure the lattice in several places. Finally, remove the zip ties and finish the lattice.

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